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Pan Records - Scottish Scenery


Bringing You the Sound Of Scotland

Welcome to Pan Records, an Independent Scottish Record Label, promoting music performed and recorded locally. Based in Caithness, in the far North of Scotland, Pan Records aims to bring you the Sound of Scotland.



Pan Records Latest Releases

A Highland Fling - DVD

A Highland Fling - DVD

Eddie Rose

Available on CD or DVD

Another new artist to the Pan Label - Eddie Rose. We at Pan Records wish Eddie every success with this CD and DVD 'A Highland Fling' features family comedy and some good Scottish singing backed by the Brandon McPhee Band. The show was recorded in front of an audience at Summer Palace, Ackergill Tower near Wick.

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Live and Relaxed - DVD

Live and Relaxed - DVD

Brandon McPhee

Available on CD or DVD

This is the Brandon McPhee's Band fourth CD and second DVD on the Pan Label the first to be a live recording in front of a 200+ strong audience. This recording also features Brandon's first composition which he named after Pan Records, the title - 'Achnaclyth House'. This track features Kimberley Mackay joining the band on fiddle. The show was recorded earlier this year at a concert in the prestigious Ackergill Tower's Summer Palace.

After hearing all 19 tracks of the above band I was astonished and amazed at the ability of this young mans handling of the Shand Marino, and the very talented Alastair, Manson and Robert who accompany him. The phrasing and expression of all the Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys, Marches and Waltzes etc. and he sings very well, as does Manson. The tempos of all the sets are very well maintained, the Pipe Marches are of interest to me, here again very well played, the March, Strathspey and Reel is a very well arranged set. Bill Black of Stanley in competition tempo is very well expressed, as was the Strathspey and reel. Brandon's first composition again demonstrates his ability to compose as well as play the music. The heading says it all, 'Live and Relaxed', well done Brandon.

John Crawford

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Brandon has been nominted in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards

Brandon has been nominated in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards as up and coming artist of the year and we would ask you for your support voting for him.  The link to vote is:


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More From Pan Records

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Featured Artist - Arthur Pottinger

Arthur Pottinger, born in Shetland started singing Country Music during the late 1950's influenced by a local legend in Shetland, the late Thomas Fraser who sang a Jimmy Rogers style of country music. Arthur having a deeper voice was more into the Hank Snow type songs. During the late 1960's Arthur sang and toured with different bands in the north of Scotland, touring most of Scotland and on an occasion ventured as far south as Coventry. Arthur has also sung on stage in the Country Hall of Fame and other venues in the USA.

Tracks In The Snow