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Pan Records - Scottish Scenery


Bringing You the Sound Of Scotland

Welcome to Pan Records, an Independent Scottish Record Label, promoting music performed and recorded locally. Based in Caithness, in the far North of Scotland, Pan Records aims to bring you the Sound of Scotland.



Pan Records Latest Releases

Fifty Years and More - DVD

Fifty Years and More - DVD

Manson Grant and the Dynamos

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50 Years and More

50 Years and More

Manson Grant and the Dynamos

Available on CD or DVD

Celebrating over 50 Years of the Dynamos.

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Brandon has been nominted in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards

Brandon has been nominated in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards as up and coming artist of the year and we would ask you for your support voting for him.  The link to vote is:


Many thanks for your support

More From Pan Records

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Featured Artist - Kate Bain

Kate has a huge fan base across Scotland with her modern style of Country Music. A highly acclaimed vocalist and musician she and the band perform regularly at live gigs and also has appeared and continues to appear on country music festivals.

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