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Pan Records - Scottish Scenery


Jim Reeves Remembered

Jim Reeves Remembered
Ian Greig

Price: £12.00



I was standing by the juke box waiting to put my sixpence in the slot, when "I Love You Because" sung by Jim Reeves dropped on the turntable. I stood motionless, listening to the beautiful sound coming from the speakers until it finished and quickly put my money in the slot to play it again. From that moment on I was a fan of Jim Revves. A few months later I was singing in a local dance band, playing at dances around the North of Scotland and singing every Jim Reeves song as they were released, when news came of his tragic death. We were devasted as if he was a personal friend, a relative, a part of our world. Over 50 years later he is as much a part of our music as he ever was. As I sing for audiences of my age group, still the most requests are for Jim Reeves songs. In this album I have tried to pay tribute to a hearo, not by mocking his voice, but by singing some of my favourites from his huge catalogue of hits. My thanks to Pan Records and all the excellent musicians who gave their time and expertise to make this album. I hope you enjoy it for what it is, simply "Jim Revvers Remembered."

Tribute to Jim Revees

I Love You Because

Oklahoma Hills

Im Gonna Change Everything

Across The Bridge

White Cliffs of Dover

This World Is Not My Home

Till The End Of The World

Stand At Your Window

You Kept Me Awake Last Night

How Can I Write On Paper

Jim Reeves Remembered